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Abq Jew The Little Red Hen, June 2018, Songs Are Dangerous

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Abq Jew Arlo and Alice Meet Jane, June 2015, 50th Anniversary Alice's Restaurant Massacree

Abq Jew Atomic Cocktail & Uranium Rock, February 2013, Abq Jew reviews one of Jane's OASIS classes

Abq Jew 5 Years, 65 Years, 19 Years, December 2012, in the second half of his blog Abq Jew writes about Jane's class on Tom Lehrer

PRX Peace Talks Radio, The Peace Message in Classical Music, October 2011, music historian Jane Ellen tells stories about how classical composers have been influenced by the threat of war and the hope for peace in their works

Mainly Piano, Kathy Parsons reviews Following My Heart, September 2010

Reviews New Age, Alejandro Clavijo reviews Following My Heart, June 2010 (in Spanish)

Blog Talk Radio.com, November 2009, You Be the Judge, Jane guests on podcast hosted by Ruthie Augustein



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