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New episodes throughout May 2019!

Episode 14: click for Is There a Doctor in the House?

Episode 13: click for JMT Recommends

Episode 12: click for Eclipsed by the Moon

Episode 11: click for A Little Night Music (not!)

Visit my blog for episodes 1.01-1.10, featuring Brudda Iz, Enya, Brubeck, Nickel Creek and more!

Welcome to a brand new section of my website where I will be sharing my thoughts - or musical takeaway - on a variety of topics. If you've followed me for any length of time you already know that I am a passionate music addict and history geek*; and you probably also know that I can't resist sharing things about which I'm passionate with any audience I can find.

My goal for this series is to create a sort of Musical Cabinet of Curiosities covering different aspects of music: artists, composers, styles, eras, song facts, film scores, instruments, and even some of the more technical aspects of the craft. The JMT is a work in progress, and from these humble beginnings I aspire to eventually create my own series of videos and podcasts. Please note that many items in these text-based versions will be linked, so that you can spend as little or as much time exploring each topic. You'll never know where my 'takeaway' will be headed each week, but I promise to make our journeys together as exciting as possible.

I will announce each new episode on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. These announcements will link back here to my website where you can see what's on offer any given week. In fact, now might be a good time to click on your choice of those links to make sure you're following my social media pages. I will also be compiling a mailing list via MailChimp; stay tuned for details if you'd like brief reminder emails and updates.

Episodes are tentatively planned for Fridays, no later than noon EST (which is 5pm for my friends in England, and 6pm throughout most of Europe). Should I need to take a week off, I'll be sure to let you know in advance.

Best of all, you no longer need to worry about missing an episode! Every month individual episodes will be available here, on the JMT page. When a new month begins, the older episodes will be archived in my blog where you can also leave comments or ask questions. Thanks for checking out my musical takeaway; I hope that it will become a regular part of your week.

* In case you wondered, a 'geek' is a person who passionately engages in one or more things to extreme levels; the only criteria being an intense level of interest in a subject, often to a highly specialized degree.