Jane Ellen

Film and Radio

Film Credits

Lukisan Hati 2010
Film by HS Maju Productions. The piano solos 'I Will Find You' and 'Promise of Spring' were included in the soundtrack.

Ekkelins Knecht 2008
Film by Peter Klewitz and Reinhard Kungel. The mediaeval-flavoured work 'Ausklang' closes the soundtrack CD.

The Man Who Lost the Civil War 2002
A documentary film by Rick Creese. 'Glorieta', instrumental theme (opening credits); full song (closing credits w/lyrics by Rick Creese); incidental use; chosen for the SCETV “Southern Lens” film festival October 2002; video available from University of NM Press; excerpts included on the 2004 Extended MGM 2-DVD release of The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.



Radio Credits

Musical Legends 2014-2016
Creator and host of this independent radio series exploring the life and times of legendary musical artists. Produced by Larry Ahrens of Studio 34 Media.

Peace Talks Radio 2011
The Peace Message in Classical Music. A discussion programme with stories about how classical composers have been influenced in their works by the threat of war and the hope for peace, with host Paul Ingles.

Camino Real Productions 2010
Christmas Eve at the Mermaid, music director and arranger; broadcast over KUNM-FM Radio, December 2010 and 2011.

Chris Dale radio productions 2006
A Cream Cracker Under the Settee, soundtrack taken from the album From My Heart
Elaine, soundtrack taken from the album Seasons of the Heart
both programmes recorded in Pinewood Studios, London, England.

Boombox Classroom 2001-2005, national award-winning children's programme
music compositions featured:
Boombox Classroom 'Theme', used in Melody (2001)
Passing used in Women Composers (2002) and Meet the Composers (2002)
The First Snowfall used in Snow Day! (2002)
guest appearances: Music of the Civil War (2001) and Careers in Music (2002)

Sweet Bird Classics 2001, guest appearances:
The Celtic Connexion
Music of the American Civil War

Classical Café 1999-2000, with host Marty Ronish, KHFM-Radio
various programmes including: Accordion Music (2 parts), Celtic Connexion, Mediaeval Music, Music in the Time of Anne Frank, Music of the Civil war (2 parts), Railroad Music