01 February 2021
Welcome! I'm glad you've found your way to my little corner of cyberspace. I am an avid life adventurer who is passionate about many things, especially music and history. Consequently, I'm an incurable bibliophile and collector of musical trivia which puts me on the nerdy/geeky side of the artistic spectrum.

My teaching schedule at Oasis-Albuquerque (via the Zoom platform) has now been updated through August 2021. Oasis-Albuquerque (New Mexico) classes are open to students from all across the country; why don't you join us? You can find out more by visiting my schedule page.

Meanwhile, big changes are in the wind. I will be leaving the southwest and permanently re-locating at the end of April; I will, however, continue to work remotely giving classes and presentations for Oasis-Albuquerque and other venues. I'm looking forward to the adventure!

As always, this website is a work in progress representative of my diverse portfolio career as a composer, writer, and music educator. Feel free to contact me at jane.ellen.music@gmail.com with questions about any of my work, or sign up for my mailing list below. 

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