September 2021
Welcome! I'm glad you've found your way to my little corner of cyberspace. I am an avid life adventurer who is passionate about many things, especially music and history. Consequently, I'm an incurable bibliophile and collector of musical trivia which puts me on the nerdy/geeky side of the artistic spectrum.

Although I live on the beautiful Florida Space Coast, I provide livestream classes for Oasis-Albuquerque (New Mexico), OLLI-UNM (Osher at the University of NM) and other venues via the Zoom platform. My current posted schedule includes classes through December 2021. Oasis-ABQ classes are open to students from all across the country, so why don't you join us? You can find out more by visiting my schedule page.

As always, this website is a work in progress representative of my diverse portfolio career as a composer, writer, and music educator. Feel free to contact me by email at with questions about any of my work, or sign up for my mailing list below. 

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