Jane Ellen


Schedule of Appearances through August 2017

** Limited bookings remain available for 2017. Thank you for your patronage!

Oasis Albuquerque American Square Shopping Center, Menaul & Carlisle NE

All Oasis classes meet from 1-2.30pm unless otherwise noted.
Singing the Showtunes rehearses from 10.15-11.45am.

  • 24 Jan-21 Apr  Singing the Showtunes: 9 classes, 4 performances (no class Mar 07)
  • 17 Jan  This Land is Woody Guthrie's Land
  • 19 Jan  David Bowie,Ziggy Stardust, and the Spiders from Mars
  • 26 Jan  Over the Rainbow with Eva Cassidy
  • 06 Feb  Fats Domino: Walkin' to New Orleans
  • 14 Feb  Legendary Lovers: Abélard & Héloïse
  • 15 Feb  Stop! In the Name of Love: Diana Ross & the Supremes
  • 23 Feb  The Magic of John Sebastian & The Lovin' Spoonful
  • 27 Feb  Touched by an Angel: Song Stylist Della Reese
  • 02 Mar  Truly American: Aaron Copland
  • 15 Mar  That Old Black Magic: Louis Prima, Keely Smith & Sam Butera
  • 20-27 Mar  A Festival of Comedy (1-3pm, two consecutive Monday afternoons)
  • 05 Apr  The Rolling Stones
  • 12 Apr  Josh Groban: Finding His Voice
  • 28 Mar  Oasis Entertainers at Brookdale Place-Valencia, 10.15am
  • 11 Apr  Oasis Entertainers at The Neighborhood in Rio Rancho, 10.30am
  • 18 Apr  Oasis Entertainers at Manzano del Sol, 10.30am
  • 21 Apr  Friday Performance Series: The Oasis Entertainers (2-3pm)
  • 16 May  Hallelujah: The Life and Times of Leonard Cohen
  • 22 May  Gord’s Gold: Singer-Songwriter Gordon Lightfoot
  • 30 May-25 Aug  Singing the Showtunes: 9 classes, 4 performances (no class Jul 04)
  • 09-16 Jun  Musical Faces of Civil Rights: Marian Anderson & Paul Robeson, 1-3pm
  • 14 Jun  Blue Bayou: The Linda Ronstadt Story
  • 19 Jun  Classic Folk: The Chad Mitchell Trio
  • 28 Jun  The Song is June Christy
  • 06 Jul  War and Peace and Sergei Prokofiev
  • 17 Jul  The Intoxicating Pearl Bailey
  • 20 Jul  Time in a Bottle: Remembering Jim Croce
  • 27 Jul  China's Superstar: Classical Pianist Lang Lang
  • 01 Aug  Oasis Entertainers TBA
  • 07 Aug  The Divine Miss Sarah Vaughan
  • 11 Aug  Born to Run: Bruce Springsteen
  • 15 Aug  Oasis Entertainers TBA
  • 21 Aug  Remembering Lenny: The Life of Leonard Bernstein
  • 22 Aug  Oasis Entertainers TBA
  • 25 Aug  Friday Performance Series: The Oasis Entertainers (2-3pm)

Oasis Albuquerque: La Vida Llena: Carter Hall (Albuquerque NE Heights)

  • 08 Jun  This Land is Woody Guthrie's Land, Carter Hall, 3-4.30pm

Oasis Albuquerque: The Neighborhood in Rio Rancho (Rio Rancho, NM)

  • TBA

Osher Lifelong Learning Institute: UNM Continuing Ed Campus (UNM-CE)

  • 01 Feb  A Wealth of Women Composers (1-3pm)
  • 08 Feb  Baby, You Can Drive My Car! (1-3pm)
  • 16 Feb  Unrequited Love: Mediaeval Musicians and the Ideals of Courtly Love (2-4pm)
  • 01 Mar  Cat Stevens aka Yusuf (3.30-5.30pm)
  • 16 Mar  Kicking the Gong Around (3.30-5.30pm)
  • 20 Mar  On the Road w/Ned O'Malia (4-6pm)
  • 23-30 Mar  Stories of the Titanic w/Bobbie Boggess (2 sessions, 3.30-5.30pm)
  • 07 Apr  Swingin' with Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys (1-3pm)
  • 13 Apr  Roger Miller: King of the Road (3.30-5.30pm)
  • 26 Apr  Two Hearts at the Electric Funeral (3.30-5.30pm)
  • 10 May  Elizabeth I: Her Musical World (2-4pm)
  • 11-18 May  The Bible in Popular Culture: An Introduction (2 sessions, 1-3pm)
  • 15 May  Imagine: The World of John Lennon (3.30-5.30pm)
  • 31 May-07 Jun  Shaken and Stirred w/Bobbie Boggess (2 sessions, 12-2pm)
  • 05 Jun  In Love With God: Francis and Clare (3.30-5.30pm)
  • 15 Jun  Music to Fly By: A History of Aviation in Song (3.30-5.30pm)
  • 26 Jun  Marvin Gaye: the Prince of Soul (1-3pm)
  • 19 Jul  Odetta: Voice of the Civil Rights Movement (3.30-5.30pm)
  • 03 Aug  Georges Bizet: Genius Rediscovered (1-3pm)
  • 23 Aug  The Wit and Wisdom of Tom Lehrer (1-3pm)

Osher Lifelong Learning Institute: Corrales Senior Centre (Village of Corrales, NM)

  • 30 Jan  Radioactive Hits: Cold War Music (1-3pm)
  • 20 Apr  Pop! Go the Classics (1-3pm)
  • 04 Aug  San Francisco Swamp Rock with Creedence Clearwater Revival (2-4pm)

Osher Lifelong Learning Institute: Del Webb Alegria (Bernalillo, NM)

  • 12 Jan  A Taste of Osher (10-12pm)
  • 13 Feb  You'd Be So Easy to Love: American Songwriter Cole Porter (1-3pm)
  • 24 Apr  Music of the Crusades (2-4pm)
  • 31 Jul  MEMBER EVENT: Anne Frank and the Music of Nazi Germany (1-3pm)

Osher Lifelong Learning Institute: Jubilee at Los Lunas (Los Lunas, NM)

  • TBA

Osher Lifelong Learning Institute: The Neighborhood in Rio Rancho (Rio Rancho, NM)

  • 26 Jul  Diamonds and Rust: Joan Baez (2-4pm)

Osher Lifelong Learning Institute: Nueva Vista Campus at La Vida Llena (Albq NE Hgts)

  • 24 Feb  A Musical Victoriana (2-4pm)
  • 02 Aug  Bye, Bye Love: The Everly Brothers (2-4pm)

Other Venues

  • 20 Apr, Congregation Albert Sisterhood, luncheon program: The Dead Sea Scrolls