Jane Ellen


Recording Projects

My latest CD, Following My Heart, is available through CDBaby or iTunes. Glyn Greenslade's CD, Heartstrings, is available as a digital download from CDBaby or iTunes. This collaborative effort includes his orchestrations of 10 of my piano solos, and the title track, which is an original composition by Glyn. You can listen to complete tracks from all of my CDs by visiting the Audio portion of this website.

Print Music

Some of my compositions have been published by Alfred Music (Myklas Music Press), Lorenz (Heritage Music), Kjos Music Company, and Shawnee Press. Music listed as being published by JEMS is available only through this website; please send an email  for further information.

What People Are Saying

about Jane's CD Following My Heart:

Light jazz sparkles frame a smilingly meditative album
This last in Jane Ellen's "Following My Heart" series is a big step up! Yes, there's a lot of her trademark quietly meditative piano, soothing to listen to, with more smile than earlier CDs. But through the album dances happy uplifting bright light jazz, particularly the 5/4 opener Raindance or the foot-tapper Colours of My Life. And there's the crystalline Autumn Skies, the almost Parisian ambience of Circle in Time. And the lovely, different harmonic settings in High King of Heaven. Buy!

Tim Fatchen, Australia

New age artist Jane Ellen has emerged from her dark and trying times this year with a ray of light in Following My Heart, her third in a series of original piano music. With the loss this past year of her mother and other dear friends, Jane created these works as a catharsis to purge the tension and sorrow with a sense of peace and a ray of hope. Jane continues to get stronger and more inspiring with each release. Witness her range from the haunting and enchantingly melancholy Garden of Memory and then hear her shift gears to the lively light jazzy feel of Colours of My Life. Listen to Keeper of My Heart and you will be transported to a tender and romantic cinematic landscape. And possibly my favorite is Circle in Time which reminds me of one of my favorite films, the whimsical and endearing King of Hearts. If you don't get the reference, then imagine yourself sipping a cafe au lait in a French cafe. This standout track features Dan Wright with a beautiful accordion accompaniment. As you dive in and embrace Jane Ellen's music, you can sense the imagery and the lyrical nature of her compositions, even though there are no words or vocals. However, as a real treat for all Jane Ellen fans, she actually steps out from the shadows of the piano to sing on the poignant title track. It is such a fitting and heartfelt moment to end this remarkable CD.
George A Gesner, New York, NY