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Jane Ellen's Official Website is proud to be hosted by HostBaby.com, a division of CDBaby.com. Banner photography © Jane Ellen, used by permission. Dan Wright designed the artwork for all of Jane's album releases; his graphics and photography remain under his personal copyright, and are used by permission only.


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Meet Some of Jane's Friends

  • Chris Dale, a retro-geek writer chappy lost in time, writes brilliantly and occasionally uses Jane's music in various creative projects. His work as scriptwriter for the Big Finish Terrahawks audio series, author of the souvenir booklet for the 50th anniversary release of Captain Scarlet, and other CD and DVD projects, can be found via his CV page. You can also follow his insanely funny adventures on Timewarp TV, or (best of all!) support his creative endeavours on Patreon.
  • David K Barnes is an Offie nominated (Off West End Theatre Awards) freelance playwright and dramaturg based in London, who also offers detailed feedback for budding writers as one of his services. Check out the hysterical - and downright bonkers! - podcast sitcom Wooden Overcoats.
  • Chase Masterson is an actress and singer best known for playing Leeta on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, and more recently the title role in the Doctor Who spinoff Vienna from Big Finish. She is also co-founder of the Pop Culture Hero Coalition, a non-profit organisation which aims to put an end to bullying and hate by working directly with schools using examples of heroism in pop culture.
  • Tim Fatchen is a remarkably versatile composer whose works bend genre with fluidity and ease across the lines of classical, jazz, pop, new age, and even satire. His opera Ngurunderi is currently under development in Australia, and his brand new Patreon page offers you the opportunity to go behind the scenes with a living, working composer and become as involved as you like in supporting the creative process.
  • Karen Cunningham is an amazingly prolific composer, as well as being a teacher and performer. She has composed scores for local indie filmmakers, provided three years of original music for a local webisode, and collaborated seven years with filmmakers for the annual Albuquerque 48 Hour Film Project. Copious examples of her work can be found on her website, and you can hear even more of her work via YouTube. Contact Karen directly at emds_yes@juno.com to discuss your music composition needs.


Check out Jane's Favourites

  • Atlas Obscura: curious and wondrous travel destinations
  • Better Than Food: video book reviews by Clifford Lee Sargent; if you care about literature, you need these vlogs - seriously
  • Brain Pickings: an inventory of the meaningful life: culture, literature, art, sound, more
  • DailyZen: daily meditation, journal, free e-cards, and more; a peaceful spot on the web
  • DuoLingo: learn a second (or third, or fourth!) language absolutely free
  • Early Bird Books: best daily ebook deals for kindle and other readers
  • Fibromyalgia and ME/CFS safe, reliable info from medical experts
  • Goodreads: yes, I'm addicted; find books, read books, create an exportable database in csv
  • HPLHS: the H P Lovecraft Historical Society, an alternative universe since 1984
  • Insight Timer: top free meditation timer, android / iphone / desktop
  • Jacquie Lawson Cards: internet's leading e-card site; unlimited cards for small annual fee
  • Mahjong: get your daily Solitaire fix; Spider and other forms of Solitaire also available
  • Open Culture: the best free cultural and educational media on the web
  • Patreon: the best way for artists and creators to receive sustainable income
  • Sheet Music Now: purchase price allows you to print most sheet music twice in two different keys
  • The Ukulele Teacher: ukulele covers, lessons, videos, reviews, more!
  • WQXR: New York's classical music radio station, with blog and articles


Causes Jane Supports

  • 4Ocean: actively cleaning our oceans and coastlines
  • American Civil Liberties Union: works to defend and preserve the individual rights and liberties guaranteed by the Constitution and laws of the US
  • American Humanist Association: strives to bring about a progressive society where being good without a god is an accepted and respected way to live life
  • Amnesty International: global movement of millions of people demanding human rights for all people; world's largest grassroots human rights organization
  • Doctors Without Borders: medical aid where it is needed most; independent, impartial
  • Foundation Beyond Belief: humanist charity promoting secular volunteering and responsible charitable giving; guided by the principles of secular humanism they seek to unite the humanist community in volunteering and charitable efforts, whilst advocating for compassionate action throughout the world
  • Freedom from Religion Foundation: promotes separation between church and state; largest freethought association in North America
  • The Guardian: honest, fearless journalism, free from commercial or political interference; seeking truth, not approval
  • Kiva: loans that change lives for as little as $25; we envision a world where all people hold the power to create opportunity for themselves and others
  • Mercy for Animals: believes that a humane society is possible; they are committed to reducing the greatest amount of suffering for the largest number of animals
  • National Fibromyalgia Association:  dedicated to improving the quality of life for people affected by fibromyalgia
  • Random Acts of Kindness: non-profit foundation spreading kindness through schools, communities, and homes; kindness begins with one
  • Southern Poverty Law Center: fighting hate, teaching tolerance, seeking justice
  • UBI or Universal Basic Income: via the World Economic Forum; see also Scott Santens UBI FAQ