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Jane Ellen's Official Website is proud to be hosted by HostBaby.com, a division of CDBaby.com. Banner photography © Jane Ellen, used by permission. Dan Wright designed the artwork for all of Jane's CD album releases. All of Dan's graphics and photography remain under his personal copyright, and are used by permission only.

Jane's headshot by Mary J Mann Photography.



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Jane's Friends

  • Chris Dale, a retro-geek writer chappy lost in time, writes brilliantly and occasionally uses Jane's music in various creative projects. His work as scriptwriter for the Big Finish Terrahawks audio series, author of the souvenir booklet for the 50th anniversary release of Captain Scarlet, and other CD and DVD projects, can be found via his shop. You can also follow his insanely funny adventures on Timewarp TV.
  • David K Barnes is an Offie nominated (Off West End Theatre Awards) freelance playwright and dramaturg based in London, who also offers detailed feedback for budding writers as one of his services. Check out What Can I Do For You? or the hysterical - and downright bonkers! - podcast sitcom Wooden Overcoats.
  • Christian Fernando Natta is a remarkable young composer from Argentina. You can find him on Facebook or MySpace. He also occasionally posts new musical ventures on YouTube, like this one: Late Regards. To enquire about his work you can contact Christian directly: chrnatta@yahoo.com.ar.
  • Lewis John Greenslade is a brilliant singer-songwriter and producer who was born in London and is now based in Berlin. His debut album Something Blue is scheduled to be released 2017.

Jane's Favourites

  • Better Than Food: video book reviews by the phenomenal Clifford Lee Sargent; if you care about literature, you need these vlogs. Seriously.
  • Cynthia Lin: ukulele video tutorials and more
  • DuoLingo: learn a second (or third, or fourth!) language absolutely free
  • Insight Timer: top free meditation timer, android / iphone / desktop
  • Free Rice: build your vocab and donate grains of rice through the World Food Programme
  • Jacquie Lawson Cards: the internet's leading e-card site
  • Online Sheet Music: purchase sheet music the easy way; many songs can be transposed, purchase price allows you to print twice in two different keys
  • Patreon: the best way for artists and creators to receive sustainable income
  • WQXR: NYC's classical station, with a convenient text link in the upper left for WNYC