Jane Ellen

Following My Heart

14. Follow Your Heart

Jane Ellen piano, vocal
Jane Ellen (ASCAP)


Never stopped to count the cost 'til I was made to choose
Never dreamed what could be lost until I had to lose
Never found out what I had until I learned to give
Never knew how hard I'd fight 'til I began to live

I never heard the melody until I found the song
Never healed the injury 'til I forgave the wrong
Never realised the love 'til someone had to go
Never sure what I believed until I found,
that it was time to grow

The beauty's in the mystery of miracles, I know
Learning to forgive the past and learning to let go
You can find the road you seek if you will only try
Catch the dreams you've held inside and never stop,
no, never stop
believing you can fly

Follow your hope
Follow your dream
Follow your heart