Jane Ellen


New Mexico Breezes and Candy Floss

Today a bank of clouds settled across the mountain tops like layer upon layer of candy floss. A cool, almost chilly breeze blew down from the mountains as the sun drifted behind lazy strips of near transparent clouds.

Although I have never acclimated, nor completely understood people's attraction to the area, it's times such as these that remind me what I would miss should I leave this place. Of course that is still my pre-eminent desire, as the altitude and dry climate extract a painful toll from me each day. However much I wanted my home to be in Northern climes, I realise that is no longer possible. As much as I long for New York City or the north of England or Paris, France, my body yearns for a climate that is warm and moist.

Naturally I shall cope with whatever curveball life bowls my way; ultimately that's our only choice. But my mind continues to wanders to warmer climes and gentle ocean breezes . . .

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