Jane Ellen


Midwest Refreshment

I realise that entries have been scarce this year; it's been a difficult one creatively, and both Euterpe and Calliope seem to have been on a prolonged holiday. My lecture schedule has continued in full swing, I have one commission that's been on the back burner for far too long – along with other musical obligations – and to be honest, I've been feeling on the verge of being burnt out. Following the apparent example of the aforementioned muses, I went to the midwest for a few days, visiting cousins and seeing the sights.

I flew into St Louis, Missouri in 45C/112F weather, made bearable (for me) by the humidity. I spent the week being told that humidity only makes the heat worse, whilst I tried explaining that dry, desert heat was like sticking my head in a hot oven and trying to breathe. Six days of low altitude, greenery, water, and blessed humidity, despite rather manic activity, appear to have been good for my energy, soul and creative spirit.

While I was away, CDBaby reported an unusual number of digital downloads, as well as CD sales, – something few of us are seeing in this current economy. This has been so encouraging that I'm actually thinking about recording again. Time away, unplugged and in a different environment, seems to have done me a world of good and I'm returning to my work with a sense of renewed purpose. If I'm lucky, my muses will have also returned, tanned, relaxed, and bearing mountains of inspiration. Back to 'real life'.

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